Adding custom post templates using service container pattern

When using the service container in Radicle, I set up ‘services’ where the service folder contains all the code for registering post types, blocks, etc. Then, I use WordPress template inheritance but with the blade extension (eg, single-{post-type}.blade.php) to create templates in the resources/views folder.

What I would like to do is store the blade templates for the service in the service folder instead.

Here is an example of the structure for views inside a service (compared with the default view folder in resources):

├── app/
│   └── Services/
│       └── SomeService/
│           ├── resources/
│           │   └── views/
│           │       └── single-somecpt.blade.php <- use this
│           └── SomeServiceProvider.php
└── resources/
    └── views/
        └── single-somecpt.blade.php <- don't use this

How could I apply template inheritance for custom post type templates in a service pattern? I figured if I could just use prependLocation() in the view finder to tell Roots to look in the service folder first like so:

public function boot()
   # Add path to view paths array

This allows me to render blade templates for custom post types via the service, but only if the same template exists in the default view folder.

Is it possible to render the blade template from the resource/views folder in the service, without requiring the template to exist in the default folder too?

Update - hardcoding the template path works when hooked into template_include -

    public function register()
        // Hook into `template_include`
        add_filter('template_include', [$this, '_somecpt_templates'], 99);

    public function _somecpt_templates($template)
        // Single template for 'somecpt' post type
        if ( get_post_type() == 'somecpt' ) {
            if (is_single()) {
                // Specify full path to template
                $new_template = base_path('app/Services/SomeService/resources/views/single-somecpt.blade.php');
                return ('' !== $new_template) ? $new_template : $template;

This bypasses template hierarchy by specifying the full path to the template, so blade.php must be included.

If there’s a way to hook this pattern into template hierarchy I’m all ears.