Adding mimetype to nginx

Hi everybody,

on my site, wordpress has to deliver some .m3u8 files (HLS stream index files) to the frontend and the file is not being recognized by my video player. I found out that it may be a problem with the server not sending the right mimetype. The right mime type should be or application/x-mpegURL and is being served as application/octet-stream.

Under roles/wordpress-setup/templates/includes.d/development, staging and production I created the file content-types.conf.j2 with the following content:

types {
    application/x-mpegURL       m3u8;
    video/MP2T			ts;
    application/dash+xml 	mpd;

but it didn’t make any difference. Any help here is more than appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

That path should be roles/wordpress-setup/templates/includes.d/<name of site>/content-types.conf.j2 as our docs specify:

alright, i missed that. Thanks @swalkinshaw!