Adding sass options to bud.config.js

I’m using latest Sage (10.7.0) and I’ve been trying to pass some sass options to bud-sass (specifically quietDeps: true but I’ve not had any success figuring it out.

I’ve added to bud.config.js:

  app.tap(bud => {{
      sassOptions: {
        quietDeps: true,

but running yarn build produces other errors, complaining about source maps (which I have not configured whatsoever)

Without the snippet above, build is successful, alas with a bunch of warnings.

Am I missing something obvious, or is there another way to do this?

Im using bud/postcss and do something like this:

  /*tap into postcss and use the polyfills in stage 2 (:has)..*/
    .tap(bud => {
          .setPluginOptions('env', {stage: 2})
      bud.when(app.isDevelopment, app => {