Adding unusual files to manifest.json

Hi Everyone,

I’m using the Sage framework, and would like to use the following polyfill on my site for IE8

It works by including a .htc file, which is then referenced in your IE8 specific css.

I have tried adding this .htc file to manifest.json, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Having had a look through Gulpfile.js and Manifest.js, it looks like it is hard wired to only copy fonts, bower components, images, cs or js to your dist directory - hence my .htc file not being included even though it is in manifest.json

Apart from using a different polyfill, what would be the best method of including a file with an unusual suffix.


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I am in a project now that requires this same file along with Unless Issue 35 gets resolved in Asset Builder, I have found a way to put this in the /dist/ folder.

My recommended workaround is to add a subfolder to the /images/ directory containing any .htc files, which will copy straight over. So, in that subfolder, make sure you add the minified versions of any .htc file since it won’t be processed for you.