Adding video in place of main image slideshow on homepage

Hi, does anybody know how to replace the image slideshow on the homepage with a video (i.e. YouTube link or iFrame)?

The website is

I would be grateful for any pointers.

Many thanks,

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I’m not able to see image slider in mobile device. Is it hidden for small devices or removed?

This doesn’t seem like a general Sage question, but a question very specific to the theme you’re working with. Even if that theme is built on Sage, image slideshows and embedded videos are not a Sage feature, and we try to keep the forums focused on the products in the Roots stack.

I’ve moved your post to the “jobs” section in case you’d like to hire someone to help you. Otherwise, for general questions like this we usually recommend the WordPress StackExchange or another, more generalized, forum.

Hi Jen,
I have sent you a PM.

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