Additional lib components via Composer

So, still a bit novice with Composer…
I want to include the Tumblr PHP API, found here:

But I’m not quite sure how to do it with Bedrock/Roots.
Anyone that could point me in the right direction?

You would just need to add it to your composer.json file. Anything loaded with Composer will be available to your entire application, including your Wordpress theme.

Wow, that sounds nice and simple. But where would it actually be put? For some examples I saw that I must use require to point the lib files.

Since that package is just a regular one (not WP related), it will be put in the root vendor/ dir. The beauty of Composer is that you don’t need to require library files anymore :).

Bedrock already includes Composer’s autoload file by default, so to use that library you don’t need to require anything else!

edit: any examples you see that do that either aren’t using Composer or they’re wrong.