Additonal info for "Roots Share Buttons plugin", FAQ?

Hi there,

I am unsure as to whether this is the right place for my inquiry but I’ll try anyhow…

The Roots Share Buttons plugin sounds great so far and indeed I am tempted to try/buy but there are a few questions left unanswered and IMHO your sales page could use some more in-depth info regarding the functionality and other aspects of the plugin. I was thinking about an FAQ-area before “Why I made this plugin”, at least that would be where I’d expect and wish for it to be…

Some of my questions

  • Just to make sure: Disabling any button (f.ex. for Linkedin) excludes the specific javascript / css, right? So only the needed libraries / dependencies are loaded?
  • Can I globally disable it and enable the share-buttons on a per-site base?
  • What plugin would you propose to use concurrently for the “like”-functionality (Facebook / Google+)? Any other lightweight solution that maybe has been tested? Or should I go custom for that?
  • Any templates included? Any demo-markup?
  • More info on the WordPress transients caching mechanism (duration, benefits, …)

Some of these might sound stupid, agreed, but it would clarify a lot for me at least.
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:+1: questions / posts like this will help me get that figured out :slight_smile:

The JS and CSS is generic and applies to all buttons, there is no specific JS/CSS for a network

Yes, the settings work as expected with multisite

Not sure?

There’s one template included that can be replaced. The demo markup can be seen on

It’s set to 15 minutes, and this means that an external request won’t be made to the networks to get the share count every time you load a page with the share buttons.

Allright, thanks for your answers! That helps me decide :smile:

Hello there, i was looking also for some documentation for the plugin.

I need to add “vía @twitterUser” at the end of the twitter share text. If i use the title attribute in the [share] shortcode it changes the title for all social networks and i only need it for twitter.

i managed to add if editing the plugin file templates/shortcode-share.php. Is there a way to replace this template in my theme template so i don´t have to edit the plugin file ? I copied the template to my theme but did not override the plugin template.


You can definitely do that, did you follow the instructions in the file?


The [share] shortcode includes the template from templates/shortcode-share.php. If you’d like to use a custom template, copy shortcode-share.php into the templates/ directory in your theme and also implement the following example snippet:

 * Custom [share] shortcode template
function custom_roots_share_buttons_template() {
  return get_template_directory() . '/templates/shortcode-share.php';
add_action('roots/share_template', 'custom_roots_share_buttons_template');

If you’ve added this snippet and it’s still not working then there could be something else going wrong here, but let us know! :slight_smile:


ups, didn´t look in the readme file… That worked perfectly. thanks!