Advanced Custom Fields, paid plugins and composer

I’m trying understand the best way to go about using a paid ACF plugin (Flexible Content) in my Bedrock/Sage site.

I can’t composer require the plug-in because it’s private and not in wp packagist. After reading this post I get the sense that I need to have the plugin stored somewhere on my server, so that when running composer install (on each deploy) composer can find the plugin to install.

Is that the process? Is it a bad idea to have a paid plugin on my server? I really appreciate the work that goes into ACF and I definitely don’t want to accidentally have one of their paid plugins available even if it’s not exposed.

Just wondering how this is typically handled and/or if I’m missing an alternative solution.


Have a look in this topic: Best Practice: Adding Gravity Forms (and other plugins)

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This is another good thread to check out for what you want to do

Those were both helpful. They led me to the solution here: (in case anyone lands on this thread in the future)

Thanks @RiFi2k and @Twansparant