All-in-One WP Migration plugin and theme assets folder...broken?

I’m using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin to deliver a completed site to my client. The problem is, it seems like it’s not picking up the contents of the uploads folder. Has anyone else used this plugin, and encountered the problem? Any solutions out there? Thanks!

Actually it’s this folder which it’s missing /app/themes/<my-theme-name>/assets/images/

From what I recall, this plugin saves your exported database as a SQL file to the uploads folder as you originally stated. I don’t see why it would save any data to a folder of the current theme. Also, the themes folder should be tracked in a Bedrock project so it’s not clear why it’s not being included. Is there any chance that any ignore files are causing such a path to be excluded?

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Going way back in time now, so I don’t recall a lot of the specifics any longer.

The big problem was that we were using Roots/Trellis, but the client was not. We were really using All-in-One to deliver all of our updates. Wasn’t the best workflow ever.