All the Roots team werre in my dreams last night - too much Roots?

Hi guys,

Just as you guys have said in your podcasts, blogs, youtube videos - please don’t just write on the forum when you have problems and let us know our stuff helps you so:

In short, I had a very vivid dream last night where all the Roots team were there. Typical crazy dream that I won’t go into but it was along the lines of there was Roots the theme, then Roots the podcast and this was Roots the movie and it was the movie premier.

Crazy stuff.

Most likely a symptom of listening to all your podcasts, watching all your videos, and pretty religiously following all your recommendations and using all your tools for loads of freelance WP development lately

Keep up the great work!


This is great! :blue_heart:

My favorite post on discourse.

Mission complete, guys, we’ve infected their minds


Yep the Roots juice is addictive :slight_smile: the next symptom is probably hitting the refresh button for forum and blog posts each 500ms :smile:

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You mean like this?

setTimeout(function() {
}, 500);


Yeah we could probably add that for you, but with being discourse being written with emberjs, it should be pretty realtime…

LOL! You should try this thing I sometimes do - I get up from my PC and walk outside, it is crazy there is this whole world going on out there that you forget exists! (Although dealing with machines is much easier than dealing with people so there are good reasons not to :stuck_out_tongue: )

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