Alter the Getting Started Guide

Hey all,

I was trying to get the Roots ecosystem up and running for a while as it kept falling apart when trying to build the Sage theme (last hurdle). I was always getting a node-gyp error.

After digging around I managed to workout that the issue is a simple one to fix but, one which is easily missed.

In the Getting Started guide’s Sage section it specifically tells the reader to install Install the latest Node.js LTS release through nvm.

However this installs Node 12 which I found to be the issue with the Sage template – It does not work with Node versions past v10 due to the dependencies issues.

I couldn’t actually build the theme until I’d worked out I needed to run nvm install v10 to install Node v10, and the run nvm use v10 to select that version of node. Finally I could run the yarn command to build the theme in my Bedrock site.

So, I believe that this section:

Should instead state something along the lines of:

In order to avoid dependency issues which will stop the Sage theme from building, you will need to install Node version 10. In order to do so run the following command:

nvm install v10

Before you attempt to build the Sage theme ensure you are using the correct Node version by running the following command:

nvm use v10

I know it may seem obvious but it is something which stumped me for a good while.


Nice post @MakingStuffs, I often get caught out with the latest node version.

In addition, use this to set the default version to be loaded after you restart etc: nvm alias default 10


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