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Alternatives to Virtualbox (Macbook M1)


I can’t be alone with having a new Macbook PRO with new M1 chip and discovered that it is unable to run Virtualbox and by that my local development setup with trellis stopped.

Does anyone have any updates if virtualbox will be available for this new arm64 chips?

Does anyone know if there is possible to change from Virtualbox to for e.g. UTM to run a virtual machine for trellis?

Link to UTM:


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I would LOVE to know the same!
I read that Parallels supports it:
but that’s quit expensive

I just bought the pro version of Parallels to try it out. Now the problem is that I need a vagrant box based on arm64 like Ubuntu which is ARM-based. But did not find any that works.

So update on the issue:
Parallels works for ARM64 which is good.
But have not found a matching vagrant_box to use for get a ubuntu server up.

My trellis-project is based on bento/ubuntu-16.04 so I might run into more issues before this is resolved and I got my project up and running.

Something like this?

This is definitely bad news for some of us, considering a M1 Macbook purchase in the future!

I know it doesn’t sound like the most convenient possible solution, but could you check if Laravel Valet is working OK (it should be!) for local development ?

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