Analytics Tag Manager Errors

Running into these errors, using Soil and Sage to add my analytics.

No HTTP response detected
Missing analytics.js script
Code found outside of tag

Same here, minus the missing script.

I’m getting No HTTP response detected & code found outside of tag. Per Google tag manager, it seems the No HTTP Response is the only critical issue (in my case).

I’m using the full Trellis/Bedrock/Sage entourage. Trouble shooting now, will post back if I find anything.

Not sure how much faith to put in Google Tag manager, I just checked 5 or 6 sites, including, and all of them said No HTTP response.

Maybe this is a Google issue?

Checked today at work and everything is fine, no errors. Seems to be a browser plugin conflict, I came across a help ticket last night that mentioned AdBlock as a possible culprit.

Definitely not Soil related, at least not in my case.

Good to know. Thanks for the debugging. I had actually forgotten about this.

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