Angular loads on refresh but not on link

I’m totally out of ideas so apologies for the silly question. I have a Sage theme with one page that is an angular app. I link to this page from the home page.

When I click on the home page link the page loads including the scripts but the app is not started. If I then refresh the page, it does start.

I have not massively modified the basic Sage site, and in particular I am not doing any ajax loading of new pages. Everything seems to be inserted in order and in devtools I can see that the code is found and appears to be executed.

I just need ideas for what could be causing this particular behaviour as I’ve run out of my own ones.

If the project is not massively modified from sage then go ahead and throw the repo up on github so we can take a look.

As an aside: A good troubleshooting step would be to create a plunkr or jsfiddle with your code running in a non-Wordpress environment. That way you can inslate whether it is an angular issue, WP issue, or sage issue.

I just discovered that it was some sort of interference from Batarang! Very wierd.