Animejs + ie 11

Hi, i try to get animejs run in an ie 11. It works in every browser except ie 11. I use Trellis/Bedrock/Sage.
As i can see, animejs is supported by ie 11 and the Documantation Site works also with ie. What might be my problem?
Any help would be appreciated.


This seems like a general JavaScript issue, not a Roots-specific issue. We try to keep these forums focused on Roots issues, and recommend taking general development questions to StackOverflow or the community for the particular library that’s giving you trouble. Is there a particular reason you feel this is related to Sage?

i only asked, cause i followed the sage and anamijs tutorial and it works in every browser except ie…so i thought anybody might know the reason for that.

sorry for my fault

If you’re having a particular problem, it’s usually helpful to post the details of your implementation, the error or errors you’re seeing, and details on what exactly “doesn’t work” means. That can also help us determine if the problem is Sage-related or not.

the blue box appears but doesnt animate. i get also console errors with the message "this object doesnsupport the action" at the screenshot you see the german version.

Thanks for including the error: This actually is a Sage-related issue: The Router uses a CustomEvent which is unsupported by IE11. There’s a polyfill at that link you can use.

great, thank you very much:)

thats cool, all you have to do is installing the custom event polyfill and import it like described here:

i know IE sucks, but i often work on B2B Websites and there the IE use is unfortunately still at 15%-20% so i have to take care about the old pest…lol

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