Announcing Acorn Prettify

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new package, Acorn Prettify, which is the successor to the Soil plugin.

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Acorn Prettify v1.0.1 released

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:


I tried this on a clean install of roots/bedrock and the latest roots/sage

composer require roots/acorn-prettify

No problem installing. Then:

wp acorn vendor:publish --tag=prettify-config

But this produced:

 INFO  No publishable resources for tag [prettify-config].  

And there is no config file to be found anywhere, and no front end change to nav item classes or any other (previously Soil) enhancement such as relative URLs.

You need to run wp acorn optimize:clear probably. This should be done for you automatically when you install packages if you setup post-autoload-dump like the Acorn installation docs show.


The nav walker from Soil is not included in this package — I’d recommend using GitHub - Log1x/navi: A developer-friendly alternative to the WordPress NavWalker.

These are disabled by default and can be enabled via the config if you’d like


Thanks very much @Log1x and @ben

@Log1x - that does indeed sort it. I added the post-autoload-dump script to composer.json then ran composer dump-autoload -o followed by trying the command to publish the config file. Now I can see it as config/prettify.php in the theme directory.

@ben - Once the config was published I could see the custom nav walker was removed, so that will explain the menu item classes. I’ll look at your suggested approach.

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