Announcing the roots/wordpress Composer Package

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We are excited to announce our new composer package for installing WordPress: roots/wordpress. This is a drop-in replacement for the johnpbloch/wordpress package Bedrock has used since November 2014. We recommend using roots/wordpress going forward. Why a new package? First of all, it’s disappointing that any non-official WordPress package is still needed. These packages exist because…


Austin is back in the building!

So if I just update all my existing composer.jsons, it should be pretty seamless?

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That’s the goal! Be sure to let us know if you run into problems, though.

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How quickly does roots/wordpress sync up to the main WordPress? WordPress 5.1.1 is out but it does not yet seem available through roots/wordpress.

The cron script we’re using has an issue that @swalkinshaw is fixing - @austin triggered the past couple builds manually. Should hopefully be fixed soon!

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It is, if you do “wp valet new test --project=bedrock”, you’ll see this in composer:

"roots/wordpress": "5.1.1",
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