Any advice on whether would work for my managed wordpress host set-up much appreciated

This looks really promising as a really decent solution to promote change across environments .But what I don’t quite get it that it seems to be suggesting I need to install this directory structure and components for each and every individual Wordpress domain installation I have. I understand you can specify the identical config in staging, prod and dev for each install - but it still means I need the whole structure replicated including different web root root for each WP instance? I’m sure I must be being thick… I use multisites and shared WP-CONTENT-DIR’s between sites in the same environment to maximise efficiency of storage. I guess there would be nothing to stop me doing the same here?

I have attempted a similar kind of solution fore migrating changes - rsync media files and use WP_CLI to attach and configure plugins, theme and media to specific domains. I also git push for child theme PHP, CSS, JS, HTML and WP-CLI/BASH customisation, config and data files. I use Flywheel on Mac for local, a cloud based Staging and a managed Wordpress prod host. The host is Siteground - I won’t be able to be change the web root dir but the structure looks otherwise feasible - this is no limit on domains so I have tonnes of multisite installs in sub-dirs off the webroot. They are mapped to add-on domains I c-panel. I clone a staging from prod, apply the update, test then I have sync back with a database merge - try to not to wipe user updates from prod that have been made in the interim. This is most complex bit because the WP database such nightmare and every plugin author used their mix of updates to core and bespoke tables. Does your sync script do any kind of intelligent merge or its just migratory push of a whole dump.? I’ll have to to rename ‘app’ to public_html/www and I won’t be allowed to fiddle with the Njinx config which think is reverse proxied with Apache - again I won’t able manually edit virtual hosts as it s shared \ server.

I’m no Pro -I don’t fully understands the benefit for example of using Composer - but this seems very close too my fantasy vision of what I might one day have as sort of lights out CI/CD solution. - fact is I don’t have the time or skills to bespoke it properly myself and although there are a lot Wordpress ‘workflow’ solution about, nothing I’ve tried quite nails it. This ‘looks’ like it might be what I’m looking for BUT I’d much appreciate your opinion and advice as whether this solution would work for me with my set-up.


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