Any good tips or guides for beginning on Sage 10?

Hi :wave:

I started a new project on Sage 10, i’m coming from Sage 9.

Installation was quite easy and now i’m trying to understand the new way of doing the front. Any guide or some tips to help understand ? I don’t see scss files, it seems we’re back to easy css which i think it’s great but what can we do if we’re not a huge fan of “class style” ?

Just to be sure for the back-End, Composers are the new Controllers, what about Providers ? Any use-case to help me understand ?

Thank you, i appreciate.

Howdy! Please remember that Sage is a stater theme and it’s meant to be modified based on your needs.

If you still want to use Sass, then rename app.css to app.scss, require the @roots/bud-sass package and continue to write styles based on what you’re comfortable with :smiley:

Take a look at the Laravel docs? Service Providers - Laravel - The PHP Framework For Web Artisans