Anybody running the Roots stack on Amazon Lightsail or EC2? If so, how'd you configure SSL?

Hi all, I’m trying to stand up a WordPress instance using the Roots stack for a project landing, but I’ve gotta use Lightsail for it (or maybe EC2), as we’re an AWS-only outfit currently. I’m having a bit of trouble figuring out how to configure SSL in Trellis correctly for this purpose though, and here’s why:

AWS currently provides our SSL certs through Amazon Certificate Manager, but for whatever reason, Amazon doesn’t let users download public certificates. As I understand it, that would be required for the manual SSL config section in the docs, so that won’t work.

The alternative would be the default Let’s Encrypt option, but I’m worried this would cause problems- we already have a wildcard cert for this domain because it already hosts other parts of the project. The WordPress will just be one small part on a subdomain.

So, if anybody’s successfully got Trellis up on Lightsail with functioning SSL, I’d be curious to hear what your approach was!

I host a production environment on Lightsail. I love it. To be honest i just use the default Trellis implementation of LetsEncrypt which works seamlessly.

I don’t know how generating a new LE cert would affect things given you already have a wildcard. I wonder if you spin up a staging instance on lightsail and then see what happens when LetsEncrypt checks the domain.

Alternatively you could investigate the LE Certbot tool which may allow you to do a dry run?

Or, set up Trellis with no SSL, then follow amazon’s docs to apply your wildcard cert manually via SSH

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