Anyone have Page Builder experience?

Hi gang :slightly_smiling_face:
I have a rather embarrassing question -

What would be a good Page Builder that works with Roots/SAGE?

I am wanting to make Landing Pages quickly. Would I just make in Figma and turn into a Tailwind Theme and add it to a page as a child-theme? But then then each time we change our minds we have to adjust the theme files directly which is not ideal.

Ideally some page builder. So we can make landing pages on the fly.

Page builders ship with a lot of their own Javascript and styles. If you’re using Sage to build your header/footer/sidebar/whatever else isn’t being edited by your Page Builder, then you should be fine.

I’ve had good luck with both Elementor and Beaver Builder. WPBakery isn’t as good.

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I will try Elementor Pro since it’s cheap. I might try Bricks.

I guess I don’t care about CSS being mixed into the Tailwind. Curious if the CSS will override the Tailwind or conflict with the Tailwind.

Elementor and Beaver Builder at least do a very good job of scoping their CSS to avoid conflicts.

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Fantastic to hear. We’re doing A/B testing of products we sell to support our platform.

I really like the Gutenberg block editor myself.

Prior to that we’d created an ACF page builder using flexible content blocks, which worked pretty well.

I have also seen used by a client, it looks better than I remember, and it does use the block editor now.

It is good for creating custom post types, fields, and reusable views of content and customizing query loops.

I can only suggest that you don’t use Divi. I’ve inherited a few sites that were built using that page builder and each one had significant performance issues.

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Hi Michael,
I’ll be taking over a new site that uses the Sage theme. I’m looking to integrate Elementor Pro as the builder and wanted to see if you’ve had any issues with the integration of Elementor.

You may be interested in Sage 10 + FSE (Full Site Editing) with Gutenberg:

Using Elementor, I have experienced an issue regarding the Single Post Template and also for the Category, Archive template. When I create Single Post Template and other templates, theme header and footer are not loading. After Registering Locations (code below) it’s showing theme header and footer but content not showing according to Single Post Template custom design, it’s showing default content instead. Please suggest.

function theme_prefix_register_elementor_locations( $elementor_theme_manager ) {
add_action( ‘elementor/theme/register_locations’, ‘theme_prefix_register_elementor_locations’ );

Checking in on this post —

I have a customer who wants to use a Page Builder with SAGE + Tailwind.

Anyone have any suggestions for a Builder that would work?
I have a Lifetime Agency license for Bricks Builder.

But I will use a builder that works with SAGE + Tailwind.

Anyone have experience with this senerio?