Anyone use Lando with Sage 9?

Hi guys,
I’m using lando which is amazing local dev setting tool, and tried to use Sage9 which has cool modern php style start theme. So I wanted to use both at the same time. :slight_smile:

It works fine, except browsersync.
Is anyone tried and succeed? or want to try with me?

Hey idpokute,

I just found out about Sage, and have been using Lando for a while, but haven’t been able to get Sage to work on Lando.

I’ve been doing this:

  • run “composer create-project roots/bedrock”
  • rename bedrock to project name
  • run “lando init --recipe lemp”
  • make the project root “web”
  • edit .env with the output from “lando info”
  • go to web/app/themes/ run "composer create-project roots/sage "
  • go to and run “yarn”
  • edit .env with the url from “lando start”

If you could explain how you got it working, I’d really appreciate it!

Did you get this working? I have used Sage 9 with Lando successfully on a few sites. To get browsersync working you’ll need to update assets/config.json to match the Lando project structure.

it is still no luck.

Still a no-go?

We’re looking to switch from a mix vvv and MAMP to Lando.