Applying Sage and/or Bedrock in Agency Setting?

We are a small, niche Wordpress development firm and I’m wondering if we can add Sage and/or Bedrock into our workflow.

In our current workflow we develop remotely on a test box, and then push to the live box with BackupBuddy. Basically we generate a backup from the dev WP site using backupbuddy (a WP plugin), and then restore this backup on the live server.

Whether the clients host with us or with a third-party, they are all in a cPanel shared environment (don’t know if this makes a difference for the questions below).

When we do maintenance we often use a tool such as iThemes sync or ManageWP to keep WP and plugins, etc. updated.

That being said:

  1. As we are moving into more custom theming, we came across Sage – which we like because of the bootstrap and HTML5boilerplate integration.

Since we are doing or updates via ManageWP, etc. as above, would using your workflow with Sage and Bower be redundant? Would there be an advantage?

  1. The Bedrock docs say that we can deploy anyway we’d like as long as we use composer install. Knowing that we use the backupbuddy plugin to make backups and to do the live migration, how would composer install fit in?

Thank you so much for your patience!!!

Replying to your topic name — there’s countless agencies and teams using our tools right now (or building/adapting their own tools based on what they see in our projects).

Things you should do to improve your workflow, regardless if you decide to use our tools or not:

  • Setup a local development environment, stop doing dev on remote servers.
  • Stop using shared hosting environments, especially with cPanel. VPS servers are really, really cheap - we recommend and use Digital Ocean for most cases.
  • Use Composer to manage WordPress and plugins

Sage/Bower is unrelated to WP updates/plugin updates. If you’re using Bedrock to manage WP and plugins you don’t want to use ManageWP to do the updates.

The composer install requirement is needed to install WordPress and plugins managed with Composer into the appropriate directories. It also installs the phpdotenv package that’s used by the Bedrock WP configs. See this thread for more discussion on Bedrock + BackupBuddy:

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Thank you so much for the prompt and thorough reply! I appreciate it!!!

Regarding this on the roots sample project: uses:

Bedrock as a WordPress boilerplate
Trellis to provision a development environment with Vagrant and to provision and deploy to the production environment on DigitalOcean
Sage with Soil

  1. I thought that Sage was the boilerplate theme? Forgive me but what is the relationship between Sage and Bedrock?

  2. I also noticed that Bedrock uses wp-content/ to app/ – but I thought that Sage was part of the Bedrock “package”?

Thank you again for your time and patience. I really appreciate it!


You can use Sage without Bedrock, and you can use Bedrock without Sage

Thank you!!!