Archiving past Bedrock-Ansible projects

Is there a way to “archive” a Vagrant box?

For instance, let’s say I’ve used Bedrock-Ansible, and my project has reached a 1.0 state and is deployed. Client is happy and I move on to other projects.

Is there a quick, reliable way to archive the box (say, put it on an external drive), keeping all databases and stuff intact, so that I (or another person) can come back to the project later with an exact copy of software, files, and databases as I left them?

I ask because I’ve tried to move virtual machines around and VirtualBox gets all weird.

There’s nothing specific about the bedrock-ansible project for this. Ideally you’d just archive/backup two things:

  1. The project folder itself with the Vagrantfile
  2. The VirtualBox VM

I’ve seen some stuff on cloning the images for back up purposes. Example:

Thanks! Sorry–probably off-topic, then. I just didn’t know if you guys worked some Vagrant magic to create archives of your own projects, and was hoping for something that wasn’t VirtualBox-specific. (I just came across a Vagrant command that packages the current box, but apparently it’s also tied to VirtualBox.)