Are you sure you want to overwrite the following files?

Choosing Tachyons as the framework.

When might I want to select yes or no at the following installation step?

Are you sure you want to overwrite the following files?
  • styles/common/_variables.scss
  • styles/components/_comments.scss
  • styles/components/_forms.scss
  • styles/components/_wp-classes.scss
  • styles/layouts/_header.scss

You answer yes if you want to switch from Bootstrap (the default) to another framework. It will empty out the contents of those stylesheets if you choose anything besides Bootstrap.

I find this confusing. I chose Bootstrap and I still get the question.


Trying this (latest version) now and when I chose ‘no’ at this question (because I want Bootstrap) it printed the last message as:

No actions were taken.

So was not sure… no actions regarding overwriting of those files specific to ‘which framework’; or NO actions were taken about anything?

Yes, it needs to be bit more… descriptive.


Just want to say that I was also wondering the same thing when this came up during install. I’m on the current version as of writing this (9.0.0) and also chose bootstrap ([1]) initially.

It’s also a little inconsistent the way it shows Which framework would you like to load? [Bootstrap] with [Bootstrap] as the default when the options are actually numbers.

When I chose the default option by pressing enter on that theme question, I wouldn’t have expected to see the ‘do you want to overwrite these files?’ question.

I do think some more clarification around those steps in the installation process would be nice.

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Okay, so I just did my first Sage theme installation and when presented with this question, I googled it and found this thread. I assumed everyone was suggesting that if you select Bootstrap then you would want to choose the “no” option seeing as we already selected Bootstrap AND that it seemed to suggest a “yes” would remove the bootstrap links.

I selected “no” and when I activated my theme, there was clearly NO bootstrap being applied.

Could someone choose “yes” and see if that gets you bootstrap?

Either way, adding Bootstrap is a relatively trivial addition (I use the CDN link in the header). It’s still annoying.

To anyone else reading this: Please don’t do this… Sage has support for Bootstrap out of the box

Either re-run composer create-project roots/sage your-theme-name or run ./vendor/bin/sage preset and then select that you want to use Bootstrap as your framework and then select Yes at the very end to write files…