Asset Builder and creating bower_components folder without Bootstrap

Here’s my process:

  1. Clone repo
  2. Get rid of Bootstrap dependences and overrides from bower.json since I don’t need Bootstrap for this project (example file)
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run bower install
  5. Run gulp watch

Since I removed Bootstrap from my Bower file, #4 did nothing to my project and bower_components was not created. Because of this, Asset Builder throws an error because the Bower folder wasn’t created.

I thought part of the issue was that jQuery is defined as a Bower dependency in manifest.json and was not pulled into the project because I got rid of Bootstrap. But getting rid of jQuery from the manifest didn’t fix the issue.

Asset Builder makes it imperative to read an existing, and even empty (I created from scratch), bower_component folder. I intend to add Bower components as I go but initially I’m trying to start with nothing.

@austin I believe this is your project so I’m curious to know your thoughts.

This sounds like an actual bug and could probably be opened as an issue on asset builder.

Since you will still most likely need jQuery though, you probably would want to add that to your Bower dependency list. It’s not there currently because it’s a dependency of Bootstrap so it’s pulled in with that.

That’s the workaround I’m currently using and it does bypass this problem.