Assets Cors policy - bedrock multisite


I have a multisite, and I have migrated it into bedrock. I have not developed the theme myself, I have just inherited it. I am new to bedrock and i’m trying to figure out best practices.

When migrating the site to bedrock the url’s to the themes assets as well as images is always relative to the network site, even if i’m on a sub site. I guess that’s fine for the theme assets and plugins as they are coming from the same source.


  • Images that are uploaded on sub sites should have the subsite relative url, I guess this also effects SEO for that sub site?
  • It also leaves me with a Cors policy access denied on fonts that I need to handle.


  • How to handle this best practice? I’m I doing something wrong? Should I solve the image problem with use of CDN, and just handle the Cors policy? Or is there another way?

Without bedrock (subsite)

With bedrock (subsite)

Please help me sort this out, thanks.

did you work this out? i am having the same problem

I don’t know if this a Bedrock specific issue, and I believe there’s an open ticket on WordPress Trac for this that I’m trying to dig up…

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