At its core, it's still just Wordpress right?

Hi all,

a client of mine is in the process of migrating a Trellis based Wordpress site from the current developer/host to in house hosting. Said client is apprehensive about being able to host a Trellis based Wordpress site and approached me asking if I had any experience with Trellis, which I didn’t unfortunately!

I’ve spent some time with it now and it seems really quite nice, but can someone confirm the following for me:

Strip everything away, and it’s just a Wordpress site, right? In as much as, the client can stop using Trellis once they’ve got the source and just deploy it as a virtual host in Apache/Nginx?


Strip everything away, and it’s just a Wordpress site, right?

Wrong. It’s not Wordpress. It’s WordPress.

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Right… so it’s just a normal WordPress site, that can be hosted on it’s own outside of Trellis? Yes?

The Roots ecosystem doesn’t make any changes to the WordPress core files if that’s what you mean. Trellis relies on Bedrock to optimize the default WordPress directory structure. But yes, all of those layers can be removed.

Thanks for your help cfx, that’s exactly what I meant.


If your client wants to back out it’s super simple using Migrate DB Pro to transfer your Trellis WP install to a traditional one too. Done it before when asked.


Cheers Simeon that’s exactly what I originally suggested, but the current devs are reluctant to give the clients admin access to their own site… which isn’t overly helpful!


As far as I’m aware and I’m a noob here, you can just strip Trellis away and install Bedrock. That way you have the Wordpress install laid out in a much better way and more control over a Live site than you would with a basic Wordpress install.

If I’m assuming correctly the in-house host would have some experience with hosting therefore or are they using their own hosting provider. One of the things to look for is you can’t run Trellis on shared hosting, so if their “in-house” hosting is basically their own on a cloud somewhere then forget it - BUT - you could utilise the Bedrock approach but you would have issues with updates etc unless you have Composer installed…

Thats my two penneth!

Thanks Andrew, yeah I believe the current hosts probably have a VPS set up in the way they need for this, the new hosting (when my client is finally allowed access to the files…) will probably be a VPS as well, but I think they are looking to get out of the Trellis environment (but I will certainly look in to Bedrock on it’s own a bit more!)