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Automated deployment

Anybody could give me any pointers on where to start for automatic deployments?

Let’s say I would like every commit to github to be automatically deployed to my staging server?

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You would need some type of continuous integration or continuous delivery server set up.

A lot of people use GitLab’s CI server, or Codeship, or another paid CI/CD service to run Ansible commands on successful commits.


Definitely will look into Gitlab’s CI server. Looks interesting… And free!?!

Thanks! :metal:

You ever get this setup? Looking to do the same!

No I did not, yet … haha.

If anyone has I’d love to see a walkthrough of how you did it-- currently working on it myself but only have time here and there.

After setting up the gitlab-ci-multi-runner “shell” on my macos, I am able to trigger a deploy when a commit is pushed to my develop branch. If that can help you start. I’d be curious to see a more complete .gitlab-ci.yml if someone has one to share.


  • “cd trellis && ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml”

script: "./ production"
- develop



It would be nice if someone could make a tutorial on how to setup GitLab CI with Trellis. It would be awesome addition intro Trellis workflow.

Maby someone has links where is enough info about setting it up? I would be willing to create a tutorial for Trellis, maby even a video. Cheers!

We have open sourced our CircleCI config at and the Dockerfile at You might want to convert them into GitLab CI ones.

Tips: Make sure you setup the SSH keys correctly.

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