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Automating composer packaging for private plugins: sharing a prototype I made

Hi all-

Bedrock is really great! After trying to manage WP without true devops approaches, it has been really great to find such a good project for making a real WP dev path easy.

In converting our app to use Bedrock, I of course ran into the private plugins issue. I put together a small project / proof-of-concept to try to automate the management of private plugins in a clean way. I wanted to share this and get feedback from the community about the approach.

It’s a pretty simple concept:

  • Use composer’s artifact repository type [which allows you to add a single composer repository via local path that points to a directory of ZIP files]
  • Automate creation of appropriate zip files from a source directory of private plugins, without touching the source files.
  • Make it easy for the user to then include these packages via composer commands without hand-editing composer.json

I look forward to your feedback.



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