Awesome Job/Contract: WP Multisite - Sage (Essential) + Backbone - RequireJS - Handlebars (Nice to have)

Bit of a moon shot on having NS/SC experience would be epic - but not essential.

Am needing to hire someone to take over my contract working with an awesome brand looking after their WP site as I’m now full time with them.

Working remotely (unless you happen to be in south island of NZ!) you would only have to deal with me primarily so no difficult designers or people with no clue making ridiculous requests!

Is a basic multisite set up - effectively same brand site with regional variations. Already on (dated) Sage but there is a mandate and budget for improvements over course of the next year. Current site has been up a long time so don’t judge me!

Likely average out to around 10 hours per week over the year but potentially more - and if you have legit suitecommerce experience there’s likely a full time role in the future.

Contact -

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Cool product! I love merino. Trying to eventually replace all my cotton clothing with it.

I don’t do SuitCommerce, and not available now anyways. But I’’ curious why SuiteCommerce instead of WooCommerce or something? Pros/Cons?

Hi, sorry I missed this reply previously.
Primarily because we use NetSuite OneWorld for everything. Although there are WooCOmm connectors for NS (Patchworks etc) they don’t fully support the complex logistical requirements of the brand without heavy custom work whereas SuiteComm is fully integrated.
Basically boils down to a philosophy of a single source of truth for all data, not replicating in various databases/servers/locations.

Still hunting for some btw - SuiteComm/NetSuite really not necessary.

Suitecomm is built with backbone, handlebars and bootstrap so anyone with strong JS could adapt to working on it pretty quickly…