Back to php version 7.1

Hello, is there a possibilty to switch the default php version back to 7.1 in trellis?

Trying to install an old project i want to update but getting these messages etc:

Problem 1
- Installation request for doctrine/inflector v1.3.0 → satisfiable by doctrine/inflector[v1.3.0].
- doctrine/inflector v1.3.0 requires php ^7.1 → your PHP version (8.0.21) does not satisfy that requirement.

Could you try to update these dependencies first so they support PHP 8? Maybe this works and you can use PHP 8.

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Thanks for the advice, Will do that, was Just wondering or It was possible :slight_smile:

Might be an obvious suggestion… but you can easily override the PHP version as well (like almost everything in Trellis).

Just change this variable: trellis/main.yml at 7e8e241ce77f033d26d0c6c3aefb491d9dde98f5 · roots/trellis · GitHub

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Thanks!! Got it worked.