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Backend Consultant for Flutter Application

I’m considering using the Bedrock WP database to store user and session data for a mobile application (using Wordpress REST API), which will share some data with the WP website and would like to have a more advanced wp/bedrock/ansible dev on board to help with high level decision-making and perhaps also participate in some of the tasks. I expect this to be long-term and ongoing. Thanks.

Hey mZoo. What kind of level of consultation / support are you looking for?

Do you mean in terms of how much time? In terms of level of responsibility, or in terms of experience? In terms of experience, senior.

Thanks. Also in terms of involvement. Are you looking for someone to execute on the project in terms of coding (like building out a demo), an hour consult by conversation?

Thanks, Julian. Either could work. The main thing is, I want someone more experienced than me involved in the high level decision-making as far as the database decisions. If this sounds like it might be a good fit for your interests, maybe we should chat in messenger and possibly migrate to email and/or a meeting.

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