Backup DB from Production


I need download a backup copy from the production server. But i have no clue how to do it!
Can someone help me!!!

Easiest is a good plugin to do that: WP Migrate. If you need a full backup (including media files), purchase the Pro version, it is well worth it. bonus: it makes synchronising your local / staging server to the production server super easy.

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You could either:

  1. Use a program such as Sequel Pro to connect remotely and then export. Trellis docs:

  2. Connect to the server via SSH and export the database via WP CLI. WP CLI doc:

  3. Use a plugin (as @pixeline mentioned)

There’s also a great thread about leveraging WP-CLI aliases to help automate all of this: Leveraging WP-CLI Aliases in Your WordPress Development Workflow.


Thank you a lot my friend!