Base.php went to single.php … want last recent post before…

Hi !
My site is building with two parts : first ; website pages with static contents use base-home.php and home.php for main. second part is on a blank page and dedicated to the blog contents, use base.php and single.php for main… (or index.php when i unactive single.php on ftp).
My question is : could i open my blog template base.php with a specific content (the 4 recent posts) instead of the single.php content ?
I try to find answer on wordpress codex but it says that for blog it’s important to use index.php or home.php… I use it for my site at this time
Is i have to insert code in wrapper.php to call a different template (recent.php + content-recent.php or a other name like blog.php + content-blog.php…) ?
thanks for your answers !