Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Is there any special things needed to get this to work? Having problems vagrant up.

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Testing this out before the anniversary edition comes out on insider build.

If you’re running Vagrant from within the Ubuntu bash, does Vagrant think you’re in Windows? Our Vagrantfile has checks like: if

I’d think that if you ran vagrant commands inn Ubuntu bash it should “just” work.

I just Changed the Vagrantfile and it does work better. The only issue is it doesn’t find ansible installed which is on the Ubuntu side.

The only issue not making this work correctly is…Virtualbox needs the Linux Kernel to install in Ubuntu on Windows. As of now there is no way to install virtualbox on Ubuntu on Windows without it requiring the Linux Kernal that I know of. I tried a shell that lets you make windows commands but its not working correctly which is why it doesn’t see ansible installed on the Ubuntu side.

So close, but so far…