Basic dev questions from first use of Sage theme

Yesterday installed Sage(8 - stable version) for a new project, everything works great, like it so far…

Now, I have a couple of questions for experienced users:

  1. How to edit pages properly, that the client can make changes through wp admin panel ?
    (already made pages via wp panel and they are customizable, but cant find/edit them in my theme folder)

  2. As I want to make one page longscroll website, simillar to this: what do you suggest to use in my project and how ?
    (Bootstrap scrollspy, JS slide-in functions…)

I’m pretty comfortable with BootStrap framework, relatively new to WP, but choose this theme to learn through the dev process…

Thanks in advance for answers, hope that I can help someone in the future :slight_smile:

Just finished my first WP website/theme with Sage 8 - it was a nice journey :grinning:

Great starter theme anyway…
Again, as a begginer, I have a couple of questions - finish steps:

  1. How to properly pack/save/send my finished theme to a client who will put it live itself ?

  2. What folders can I exclude from theme, that will not affect theme properly working ? (Node, etc…)

  3. As I hardcoded page-templates php files, do I need to export my whole database, or can I use basic wordpress export function to create .xml from WP Dashboard, to have pages and navigation menu ?

Thanks !

  1. That really depends on the client, and how they want to deploy/use the theme. Sage isn’t really different from any other theme, though: You can just zip it up and send it to someone, generally. If you have any dependencies that aren’t recorded/stored in your theme files (i.e., plugins, content, etc) the process of transferring that stuff is going to depend on what those dependencies are.
  2. You can exclude node_modules and .git (if you’re using git), but I’d leave everything else in.
  3. I’m not sure I fully understand this question, but it sounds like you need to transfer some site content along with your theme? If so, that’s kind of outside the scope of Sage as a theme. Also, it’s really going to depend on what content you have to transfer, and what (if anything) in your theme relies on it. For instance, if your theme expects a certain page with a certain ID, you’d need to make sure that whatever system you use to transfer that content maintains that ID.

@alwaysblank: Thank you very much !

I finished/packed/sent my first theme developed with Sage, and basically first WP theme from scratch . And will continue to learn for sure…