Bcrypt Password and custom Composer setup

I would love to use your Bcrypt Password plugin for my site but have a slightly edited composer set up and as such don’t think its loading into the site. It adds the file fine to vendor but I am not sure anything more than that is happening.

This is my composer config:

  "name": “”,
  "description": "",
  "homepage": "",
  "authors": [
      "name": "Simon",
      "email": ""
  "repositories": [
      "type": "composer",
      "url": "https://wpackagist.org"
      "type": "package",
      "package": {
        "name": "wordpress",
        "type": "webroot",
        "version": "4.7.2",
        "dist": {
          "type": "zip",
          "url": "https://wordpress.org/wordpress-4.7.2.zip"
        "require" : {
          "fancyguy/webroot-installer": "1.0.0"
  "require": {
    "php": ">=5.5.0",
    "composer/installers": "~1.0.12",
    "wordpress": "4.7.2",
    "fancyguy/webroot-installer": "1.0.0",
    "wpackagist-plugin/w3-total-cache": "",
    "wpackagist-plugin/wordpress-seo": "3.5",
    "wpackagist-plugin/wp-security-audit-log": "2.6",
    "roots/wp-password-bcrypt": "^1.0"
  "extra": {
    "installer-paths": {
      "public/wp-content/mu-plugins/{$name}/": ["type:wordpress-muplugin"],
      "public/wp-content/plugins/{$name}/": ["type:wordpress-plugin"],
      "public/wp-content/themes/{$name}/": ["type:wordpress-theme"]
    "webroot-dir": "public/wp",
    "webroot-package": "wordpress"

FYI - WordPress gets installed in a folder called “wp” and my plugins and custom theme etc are in a separate folder called “wp-content” that sits in the same location as the “wp” folder.

I assumed I could just add the the roots/wp-password-bcrypt to the installer paths but have had no joy.

Can anybody help out? cheers

Looks to be resolved by adding…

require_once(dirname(DIR) . ‘/vendor/autoload.php’);

To wp-config,php