Bedrock and UPLOAD dir

I’m having some issues with setting the upload directory - it seems WordPress defines UPLOAD in relation to ABSPATH, so I can’t set the upload directory to /app/uploads. It only gets set in relation to /wp, so /wp/app/uploads or /wp/wp-content/uploads. Anyone else have this problem?

Shouldn’t need to set anything. I just cloned Bedrock and installed WP and uploaded a file, it was placed in

@benword is correct that if you want the default app/uploads you don’t need to change anything. But if you DO want to change the path to something else, the normal UPLOAD constant isn’t enough. You need to do something like this mu-plugin:

Only upload_path and upload_url_path are relevant.

My bad, was an old setting in the DB.

Out of interest, where is the upload directory configured in bedrock?

It’s located in app/uploads.

Ha! No, I mean, where is the actual configuration? I can’t see it in application.php, although i can see that the WP_CONTENT_DIR is set there.

The uploads folder is automatically set relative to the WP_CONTENT_DIR. So wp-content/uploads becomes app/uploads, which in turn becomes shared/app/uploads via the linked_files setting in composer.

Okay, got it, thanks…

…sorry to bring this one up, but I can’t seem to find an answer with Googling.

I used the gist suggested change upload folder and path and now my upload_path is set to D:/sites/testsite/web/app/media and upload_url_path is app/media but I get this error whenever I try to “upload” something on my development machine through the dashboard:

Unable to create directory D:/sites/testsite/web/app/media. Is its parent directory writable by the server?