Bedrock+Ansible Installation - Folder structure

Noob question:

I have followed the instructions to install Ansible + Bedrock onto my local machine (from


Download/fork/clone this repo to your local machine.
Run ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml to install external Ansible roles/packages.
Download/fork/clone Bedrock or have an existing Bedrock-based site ready.

You should now have the following directories at the same level somewhere:    - Primary folder for the project
├── ansible/    - Your version of this repo (renamed to just `ansible`)
└── site/       - A Bedrock-based site (suggested to name this the generic `site` since your project name is already at the top level)

On my local machine (Ubuntu 14.04), in my root I have two newly created directories:

  1. ansible
  2. bedrock-ansible

How does this fit in with the suggested folder structure shown in the above code block? Where should folder be? The instructions are not very clear.

Should I have created ‘’ in my root, then installed 1) ansible inside the folder, then installed 2) bedrock-ansible inside the same folder?

thanks for the help

Have you seen this?

Hi, yes I have.

As a first time user of all of these tools, the only way for me to move forward is to follow instructions word for word.

So when I follow the install instructions and the end result is different from what it should be, things become very confusing.

Please look at the newly updated README on It should cover everything.

OK thanks Ben, will do.

BTW this is one of the nicest forums I’ve used, where can I get a copy/similar app? :wink:

All credit goes to Discourse: It’s open source and great. Our forum is basically stock except minor CSS customizations.

awesome, thanks for the link.