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Bedrock Error 404 with Local by FlyWheel

Hi, I’m getting error 404 with bedrock using local by flywheel.
My composer version is 1.9.0, because I was getting error on the newest with installing sage.

What I did is:
Created a new site on Local by Flywheel on angon.local url, server is nginx, php 7.4.1, mysql 8.0.16
I’ve installed bedrock in app folder, and deleted public folder, once I did that I typed composer install in bedrock folder (even without it, its still not working).
After that I went to nginx site.conf.hbs file and I put:

root /Users/Dominik/Local Sites/angon/app/bedrock/web/;

instead of regular code.

In bedrock folder in .env file I setup my db config:



And after this configuration I keep getting error 404 Site Not Found with no reason. I really don’t know how to fix it. Maybe some of you have any suggestions?