Bedrock + Gantry + Gantry Theme = White page without error (wp_debug = true)

Anyone tries Gantry Framework with Bedrock? I’m trying run this configuration, but after activate standard Gantry Theme, WordPress shows only White Page of Death. No errors, but Debugging is enable. WP Admin also not loading.

I try figure it out, but without errors is very difficult. When I added exit('test) in few lines, show it.

Gantry without Bedrock is fine. Bedrock with Avada is fine. Gantry with Bedrock, nope.
Any suggestion?

  1. Ask the Gantry authors to fix their code because they’re doing it wrong.

WordPress makes use of the following constants when determining the path to the content and plugin directories. These should not be used directly by plugins or themes, but are listed here for completeness.

  1. Define GANTRY5_PATH yourself in config/application.php, something like…
define('GANTRY5_PATH', WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/plugins/gantry5');
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Thank you for reply, QWp6t.

I tried this, but it still doesnt work. GANTRY5_PATH is defined, but the issue is not resolved.
I will try to ask the Gantry team also.

EDIT: Also: