Bedrock install DB Connection Error

First time installing bedrock and running into database connection errors. Followed all the instructions on the Bedrock install page.

I am able to connect to my DB using below…

mysql -u dbuser -p dbname

I also confirmed that my document root was set to /web/ folder.

Is there anything else I should be checking to troubleshoot getting a server 500 error?


Just to put this out there just in case anyone else runs into it… I followed the basic format of the .env.example for generating the auth keys. However if a key gets generated with a space (which I did not notice) you need to wrap it in quotes…

This fixed my issue so hopefully will help someone else who didn’t catch this detail.

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I ran into the same issue running the install on MacOS and the issue was because of the ‘localhost’, simply replacing this with ‘’ resolved the issue.