Bedrock required composer packages not registered with acorns PackageManifest

If I require roots/acorn and eg. log1x/acf-composer in bedrock composer.json but bootstrap Acorn in Sage, the Service Provider for acf-composer will not be registered.

This looks to be because Application only looks for composer installed packages in the theme, plugins and basePath() (which in this case is sage since theme bootstraps acorn). acorn/Application.php at b8b5eccb3df351cd77a17e9d487acd9f02f9e563 · roots/acorn · GitHub

Shouldn’t this also add packages from the root composer (bedrock)? Or am I missing something for this kind of setup?

edit: Problems with using vendor:publish when Acorn installed as a plugin looks like the same report

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fix(package-discovery): Check for packages in webroot (Bedrock) by Log1x · Pull Request #236 · roots/acorn · GitHub not sure if there’s a better approach but I opened a PR. seems like a simple enough fix.


Thanks for confirming and for looking into it!