Bedrock + Sage workflow

Hello all!

I am curious about your workflow with Bedrock and Sage (and a database related question).

  1. Do you guys have the Bedrock installation and the Sage theme in separate Git repositories? Or do you guys include the Sage theme into Bedrock repository? Example:

Client A Bedrock repository
Client A Sage theme repository


Client A Bedrock repository with Sage in the app/themes folder

  1. How do you guys handle database changes, more specifically the settings (wp_options)?
    Im looking for something like, having a JSON file (or migration files bit similar like Laravel) with settings, that I can run after a deployment. For example once I install WooCommerce I have a list with default settings (presets) I want to use and import at once. But also once I add a new feature or plugin that I can migrate those settings across multiple environments.
    Would be cool if that JSON file (or settings file) is environment based. So I can use test payment method settings on local and live settings on production. And just run a command like wp migrate options or something in my deployment script, which sets all the correct settings for that environment.

Is there something like that?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Who has a little advice for me :)?

I generally have a single repo that contains Bedrock, Sage, and Trellis for each client site.

w/r/t to #2 I’m not aware of any tool that does that, but it probably wouldn’t be too hard to write one. If you’re using Trellis you might be able to use it’s environment stuff to get the same effect.

Thanks :slight_smile: i will take a look at it.

Anyone else with some great tips?