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Bedrock Setup on Live Server (Apache)


So, I’ve been working away with Bedrock locally for the past few weeks, maybe months at this stage, and all has been going fairly well.

However, today I decided that I would try and set a Bedrock project up directly onto an Apache server and ran into a bit of an issue… namely it didn’t quite work out.

I have followed all steps as outlined here,, with the exception of number four (changing the document root to point to Bedrocks web folder), which is where I assume the problem lies.

I could go ahead and change the document root, but then I guess the existing website would be down.

I have a normal WordPress install at root level, then another normal one in a “test” subfolder - both work. I set Bedrock up in it’s own subfolder and had hoped that by going to “”, that I could just work away as if it was a normal WordPress install… nope.

I guess my question is, has anybody tried this before? And if so, how did you get it to work?



You are correct.

You could:

  • point another domain (or subdomain) at your server and configure that so that its webroot is correct
  • tweak bedrock internally so that it expects that setup you’ve described (don’t recommend this)
  • set up a separate staging server with a correct webroot (this is what I almost always do)

They directory layout Bedrock expects is important to how it work, and a number of the ideas it represents. I’d recommend something that allows you to maintain that.

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At the risk of sounding ignorant, do you think point one could be achieved via an addon domain? Out of my comfort zone.

Cheers for the quick response btw.


This sounds like you’re using some kind of management panel (i.e. cpanel)? If that’s the case, and you’re on some kind of shared hosted (rather than a server you manage yourself) you might want to talk to their support about modifying the webroot for particular sub(domains).

Ah, I’ll give it a go and see.

It’s my server, but yeah, using WHM and cPanel.

Cheers for the advice mate.

Worked with a subdomain.:ok_hand:

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