Bedrock update Wordpress (locally)

I’m trying to update Wordpress through composer (Bedrock) locally.

I changed this line:
“johnpbloch/wordpress”: “4.8.1"
"johnpbloch/wordpress”: “4.8.2”

I ran ‘composer update’ but got the following message:
Problem 1
- Installation request for johnpbloch/wordpress 4.8.2 -> satisfiable by johnpbloch/wordpress[4.8.2].
- johnpbloch/wordpress 4.8.2 requires johnpbloch/wordpress-core 4.8.2 -> no matching package found.

I’ve looked on Github and Packagist, both contain version 4.8.2. Am I something missing? Thanks for your time.

When installing a new Bedrock with composer the latest version is download normally.

Problem solved. 4.8.2 wasn’t ready to install via composer. The next day it worked. Topic can be closed.