Bedrock Website Setup

I am a novice when it comes to website hosting.

I have been tasked with setting up old website which seems to have been built in Bedrock.

I am ok with hosting WordPress websites and i normally do that through flywheel but this is something I don’t know how to do at all.

See below my email from the old developer (i do have a download of the files from Wetransfer already)

Hi both

Wordpress theme and SQL database available for next 7 days to download

As mentioned in previous thread to Jonathan:

Hi Jonathan,

The old site was built using Bedrock (although an older version), with Composer to include plugins, and WordPress 4.1 - but without work from us to get it setup locally, I can’t give you a full working copy of the site.

What I can give you is the theme which can be used to recreate the site, along with the plugin list below.

There is also a copy of the database from October 2017.

I have no additional uploaded media backup - although I don’t believe there would have been more than a few blog post images

I hope that help, let me know if you have any questions? The site was put together in 2014 I think, so if you wanted a quote for a new site design/development, let me know

Many thanks


“wpackagist-plugin/advanced-custom-fields” : “4.3.9”,
“wpackagist-plugin/better-wp-security” : “4.5.10”,
“wpackagist-plugin/regenerate-thumbnails” : “2.2.4”,
“wpackagist-plugin/wordpress-seo” : “1.7.1”,
“wpackagist-plugin/sitemap” : “4.3”,
“wpackagist-plugin/google-sitemap-generator” : “4.0.8”,
“wpackagist-plugin/duplicate-post” : “2.6”,
“wpackagist-plugin/tablepress” : “1.5.1”,
“wpackagist-plugin/wp-user-avatar” : “1.9.17”,
“wpackagist-plugin/google-analytics-for-wordpress” : “5.2.8”,
“wpackagist-plugin/redirection”: “2.3.14”,

In addition it used:

gravity-forms - (pro licence I think, but doesn’t need to be)
wp-visual-composer - 4.3.4

Regarding your question: based on the info you got in the mail, it seems that you got the theme in the WeTransfer link. Even if the theme was originallyu used in a Bedrock setup, it doesn’t automatically mean that you have to use Bedrock. That is unless the theme for some reason require some bedrock specific stuff but normally it shouldn’t.

Even if Bedrock is really neat and I highly recommend you check it out, you could just try to set up a WP installation like you are used to, install the plugins listed in the e-mail and add the theme and see what happens.

If you are interested in Bedrock, the documentation that you linked to in your post is a great place to start.

Since Bedrock was used, it is possible that the theme was built on Sage which is Roots starter theme. But Bedrock and Sage can exist without the other and I would suggest creating a new thread for any Sage questions that may come up.

The first thing I would check is whether or not the theme is using blade templates. If not, you could possibly drop the theme into a standard WP install and download the plugins above from the WP market.

If you decide to use bedrock, it is installable via composer. You would just need to have the guy give you the full composer.json/lock and run a composer install and it should install everything. There will be a .env file in the root directory which is where you would put your usual wp-config credentials.

I imagine there will may be some media images missing if they did not provide you with an uploads folder however.

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