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Bedrock with arbitrary hosting

So I recently discovered Bedrock and setup a test project. I definitely see the advantages of Composer and of the Bedrock layout.

However, I don’t host my client’s projects and so they’re hosted at various places from, sigh, Godaddy to Siteground to Digital Ocean and Linode. The latter will be fine… but what about shared hosts? AS I understand it, the webroot needs to be pointed to /web. Not an issue for DO droplets and the like but what about (decent) shared hosts like Siteground, etc?

To spin this another way… do any of you have recommended shared hosts on which Bedrock just works?

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Kinsta is a sponsor of Roots and proudly supports Bedrock and even Trellis.

As far as the document root goes, most hosts will either change it for you upon request or I believe there’s an option to do it inside of cPanel.

Another (not recommended) method would be to handle the document root with .htaccess.

As far as non-shared hosts, I’ve had a decent amount of luck selling the idea of RunCloud alongside a droplet to clients giving them peace of mind with a control panel of some kind, off-site backups, automated security updates, live support (although is not to be 100% relied upon), etc.


I don’t have a live example, but I’m pretty sure I had Bedrock working on Siteground at some point to test it out. Check out this article (the .htaccess method mentioned by @Log1x):

Like he said though, I’d highly recommend paying for Kinsta, but plenty of us have Bedrock + Trellis running on cheap DO boxes. Never tried to get it running on any other “cheaper” shared hosts.

Thanks. Kinsta might become my preferred host option. DO droplets are easy for me, but I’m leery of turning a non-technical client loose with just one of those. I need to look at Runcloud again but what I want is some place that the client can call if their site is down, I’m not on a maintenance agreement with them or I am but I’m unavailable (vacation, etc). Regular hosts are good for that.

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