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Bedrock with Default WordPress Theme (cannot upload to Media Library)


I’m having the exact same problem described here, The upload media in the local (vagrant:homestead) wordpress library is not working.

I’m using MAMP for Mac and set Bedrock up as described in the docs, and using the default 2021 theme as well. When I try to upload to the “Media Library” via the back-end, I get an error msg stating “Something went wrong. Try again later.” and then I get logged out - bizarre.

I set up a normal WordPress install and everything works grand on it.

P.S. I have both installs in the same place, and as far as I can see there is no difference in permissions.



What is exactly logged in the PHP (error) logs? The WordPress error message is very vague.
Bedrock changes some WordPress paths so the WordPress core, plugins and data (uploads directory) are separated. Some plugins have quality issues where they hard-code some paths and urls instead looking them up, e.g. upload directory and plugins folder. This will cause these plugins to not work correctly with Bedrock sites.